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  • Stainless steel cold ethanol transfer pump. 32 GPM Yamada BSE-20 Stainless Steel Cold Rated Pump. Air Operated design

    Yamada NDP-20BSE Double Diaphragm Pump

    FREE SHIPPING Perfect for -50 C cold ethanol extraction Description Air inlet (incl. ball valve): 1/4" Female NPTAir exhaust (incl. silencer): 3/4" Female NPTAir Supply Pressure (All...

  • Yamada NDP-20BSE Diaphragm Pump - FDA Compliant

    Yamada NDP-20BSE FDA Diaphragm Pump

     FREE SHIPPING ​Yamada® FDA compliant pumps are specifically designed for Food, Pharmaceutical, & Cosmetic Industries where 3A or USDA standards are not required. Pumps include...