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Oil Mist Eliminators

  • Two Stage Oil Mist Eliminator - Includes a proprietary coalescing media that cleans the discharge air by capturing and coalescing oil mist. The oil free air is then directed through an activated carbon cartridge to remove any residual vapors and odors. The filter housing was designed to be easily disassembled and serviced without the use of tools, allowing for extremely fast filter change-out and minimal downtime. Disassembled Two-stage Oil Mist Eliminator - Features easy to open housing with pleated and carbon filters cartridges. Best oil mist eliminator to remove unwanted oil mist and odor

    Two Stage Oil Mist Filter (Exhaust) Mist/Odor

    Application This is an extremely effective vacuum pump discharge filter that offers 2 stages of filtration to remove both oil mist and undesirable odors from the pump’s exhaust. The DSV filter is constructed of a robust epoxy coated steel and...